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Project Cargo
project cargo/logistics
Reliable Partner

ELN positions itself as a reliable partner, suggesting that clients can trust the company to fulfill their logistics needs consistently and dependably

Integrated Solutions for Project Cargo

offers integrated solutions specifically tailored for Project Cargo or Project Logistics

Catering to Various Needs

This could involve services such as chartering barges, serving as shipping agents, and handling activities like stevedoringand half-cargo dooring 

Commitment to Smooth Distribution on a Large Scale

equipped to handle projects with significant logistical complexities and large-scale requirements

PT Elmount Logistik Nusantara (ELN) is a reliable partner that provides integrated solutions for Project Cargo or Project Logistics. ELN caters to a variety of needs, from chartering barges, shipping agents, to stevedoring and halfcargo dooring. ELN is committed to ensuring smooth distribution on a large scale, and it understands the complexities of project cargo shipments.

ELN is a trusted partner for many businesses that need to ship project cargo. ELN’s commitment to reliability, safety, and efficiency makes it the ideal choice for managing complex project cargo shipments.

If you need to ship project cargo, contact ELN today to learn more about their integrated solutions.

Project cargo shipments are typically large, complex, and require specialized handling. ELN has the experience and expertise to manage project cargo shipments of all sizes and complexities. ELN’s integrated solutions include:

  • Chartering barges: ELN can charter barges of various sizes and capacities to transport project cargo to and from its destination.
  • Shipping agents: ELN’s team of experienced shipping agents can handle all aspects of customs clearance and documentation, ensuring that project cargo shipments are processed quickly and efficiently.
  • Stevedoring: ELN’s team of experienced stevedores can safely and efficiently load and unload project cargo from barges and ships.
  • Halfcargo dooring: ELN can provide halfcargo dooring services to deliver project cargo directly to the customer’s door, even if it is located in a remote or inaccessible area.
ELN is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service. ELN’s team of experienced professionals works closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and develop tailored solutions. ELN also provides its customers with real-time tracking and visibility into their project cargo shipments, so they can always know where their cargo is and when it will arrive.